Saturday Breakaway …… pop

Not to be confused with Weekend Getaway (click the link) but to be read alongside.


“Come with me” she said.

“It will be fun.

You can escape Melbourne ,

the weather looks good

and it is sooo close”

And so I did.

Go with her, that is,

to escape Melbourne and

because it is sooo close.

Off I went, to visit Jacqui,

who put Banjo in his float, while I put myself in my bathers.

A short drive took us to a secluded beach

where she  jumped nimbly onto

her horse’s back.


I emphasise the word nimbly.

Because I now had to mount Banjo;

without stirrups,

without a mounting block,

with no reins or a mane to pull on.

There was nothing nimble about my mounting.

There was a great deal of pushing and shoving to my mounting….

By Chris, from below and behind.

Chris who is not interested in horses, does not ride and

wasn’t really going to come to beach.

I will be forever grateful she did come along –

If she had not,

I would still be trying to get onto Banjo’s back……

Which in hindsight, may not have been such a bad idea πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

But mount him I did.

And for sometime we savoured the delights of bareback riding

with the water warm on our legs and the sun on our backs.

and we had such fun….

Until, who knows why, but ‘we’ thought it a good idea to trot in the water.

Because, of course, Banjo could see exactly where he was putting his feet….

trotting away, pushing Banjo….
who loved every minute

Until he couldn’t see, but only feel,

as his feet sunk into a crater in the ocean bed

and his head went down…..

until the sand disappeared and so did he

and guess what?

So did we,

go down that is.

Down onto the ocean bed – full of sand,

But definitely with less after we visited it,

as we took an awful lot of sand home with us, clinging our bathers πŸ™‚

which left us up in the air
with only one way to go
however we liked
although still hanging on … to someone ….. or something until
somewhere under the water… was yours truely

We have attempted to show snippets from a video Chris was taking of us – but the video is SO much more fun.

Happily, all’s well that ends well.

Banjo didn’t go far and he had a far more sedate swim with Chris and Jacqui.

That is of course, the Chris who  is not interested in horses, does not ride and

wasn’t really going to come to beach. πŸ™‚


Back home we hosed down Banjo  the dogs, and  ourselves.

And then sat down to some serious drinking and laughter

as we watched that fall

over and over again.


“Come with me”, she said, “it will be fun.”

And so I did.

And it was.

Such Fun.

Thank you all for Such a fun time x




Author: leepowrie

A 60+ about to enter the Brave New World of Blogging and inviting you to join me for the ride πŸ˜‚

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