One of my favourite places….

So very very fortunate to have a kind friend in Devon who shared her home and country with me.

An ‘English’ day 

I’m privileged to be staying on a very large English ‘estate. It’s spring , which means the weather is, as it is in Melbourne, a topic for serious consideration. It also…

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 An English village 

I am staying close to the village (hamlet?) All Saints.   I have not managed to ascertain why it’s called All Saints, wishful thinking perhaps?  3 miles from the Devon  coast,…

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A walk in Spring 

Like two young children let loose, Jill and I set off today to walk from Charmouth to Seatown. The forecast was largely clear, winds, showers, ie iffy if one is inclined…

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A city ‘as old as time itself’ – well almost.    The Romans were here in 50AD and left a wall to remind us. We were here today, with…

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What’s Wells?

What’s with Wells? Well, Wells refers to the water welling up from the ground in Wells (Somerset- cider, cheddar country). It has been a site of sacred worship beginning…

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