A remarkable country, an eye opener….browse and see for yourself.


  Finally made it onto a flight – via Nairobi to Entebbe But such interesting people I have met along the way – I’ve stopped minding the delay Andā€¦

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A different Soul

Now I’ve had experiences in Africa over the years that led me to believe I knew it But Uganda is Africa with a completely different soul So so difficultā€¦

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So unpretentious and made with so much kindness – I had forgotten how special the black smile and heart is – all my ‘friends’ here are graduates in interestingā€¦

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A Shoebill

Did I say They love my binoculars ? I love them – what a difference to failing eyes – and birds birds and more birds To start the day a Lanner falcon with prey in hand in front of my deck just lookingā€¦

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The ‘Ik”

Our communication with the Ik was through a double interpretation. From English to Kuramajong then Karamojong to Ik and back again. So I still don’t really know what she was mutteringā€¦

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24/09/2016 Uganda- 40 mill landlocked people with Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, DRC, Rwanda and Tanzania as neighbours. Entebbe, on the shore of lake Victoria – the largest freshwater lake in the world and the source of theā€¦

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