A different Soul

Thai restaurant on the lake
My fish straight from the late with traditional roasted banana (not my best – dry to my taste)
Lake Victoria
One of many kindergartens
Need a door? or bed or sofa or anything – you can find it along the road
Brick kiln
Bricks, and bricks and bricks
The toilet – but somehow it didn’t offend. They all survive – why shouldn’t I?

Now I’ve had experiences in Africa over the years that led me to believe I knew it
But Uganda is Africa with a completely different soul
So so difficult for my Australian ‘family’ to comprehend

Apparent chaos ; the senses assaulted by sights, smells and sounds that do not fit our idea of a ‘good life’.

The roads – filled with ‘burra burras’ motorcycles – word originates from them transporting from border to border

What do they transport?
Easier to say what don’t they transport?
I saw a granny wedged between a man and woman with a toddler balancing in the headlight in front
I saw a bed balanced on one – the entire road blocked
Bananas piled so high you couldn’t see the driver
I could go on and on

The markets – riotous colour and noise – chickens in cages, goats tied to roadside; children in the dirt looking for flying ants alongside the road – not a metre from our vehicle

(OH&S would have a heart attack)

Brick kilns everywhere making bricks which become homes with no rules or inspections 😜

I don’t have the temperament to take people photographs – I feel I need to respect their labour and sense of dignity and not turn them into photos of curiosity

– sorry
You will Just Have To Visit
The Pearl of Africa

A few photos I have taken though

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