What’s Wells?

What’s with Wells?
Well, Wells refers to the water welling up from the ground in Wells (Somerset- cider, cheddar country). It has been a site of sacred worship beginning in the Stone Age, through to today; drawn by the water (Wells) bubbling up from the ground.
And the cathedral, described by Simon Jenkins as a ‘happy cathedral’ stands boldly; valiantly glorifying God, and yet the first impression is of Man’s ingenuity and energy in creating such a building. 
It certainly is a beautiful cathedral. Built before Exeter, it has a very different ‘feel’. There is a solitude and sense of sanctuary that I felt more strongly than in Exeter. Is that ‘me’ or ‘Wells Cathedral’?
This is very much a ‘working cathedral’ with Evensong and daily worship and a very active choir.   
An amazing day out – I am beginning to ‘get’ why people can go from cathedral to cathedral and back to start all over again. 
The vision, the dream, the belief, the sweat, the labour, the pain, the cost : quite remarkable. 

Hope you enjoy….

Beautiful vaulted artwork

Close up of the ‘scissor’ added about 100 years later to support the sinking foundation
Breathtaking symmetry
Every angle revealed more beauty
And harmony
Well worn stairs leading to the Chapter Room
The Chapter House completed in 1300 is where the daily ‘Cathedral’ business was conducted
Such beauty, love and pain

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