Dubai/Abu Dhabi


bold: defiant: beautiful: daring – all words that came to mind as I was shown building after building and shopping mall after shopping mall and hotel after hotel

The modern golden calf came to mind

Massive displays of wealth and people spending vast sums of money:
jewels the likes of which I have never seen before:
magnificent dresses ( can one call them that?) with price tags of $27000 plus.

A population of 2mil I am told but thousand more visiting – either to spend
money or earn it

My taxi driver was Indian – his wife and children still in India – he has worked here for 7 years, 3 more and he can get a house

While the Princes have no shortage of homes – miles and miles of ornate walls behind which they live in opulence hard to imagine.

Politics is easy – what the prince decided is law so no need for elections

And so ended a long day/ night with me asleep on a pool bench on the roof of the hotel – asleep that is from 1.30-3 am when I awake with a bump having fallen off my bench
I have a whole new respect for park bench sleepers 😳


Author: leepowrie

A 60+ about to enter the Brave New World of Blogging and inviting you to join me for the ride 😂

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