I failed to mention security/crime/safety.

Every place you enter, be it shop, restaurant, museum, gallery, hotel or air port you are searched as is the car.

Police and military work together and are highly visible almost on every street corner – relaxed, friendly, armed and visible. Which is why I could happily walk in the dark alone in an African city and feel completely safe – no one jostled me, hassled me or made me feel nervous
Great feelingimg_5373


Early start for Nairobi
What a stunning surprise Rwanda has been

And I didn’t tell you plastic bags banned here (and Uganda) only paper allowed

City Absolutely spotless – quite remarkable – not a piece of litter anywhere

And I noticed – no graffiti

And the traffic lights go into Amber ftom midnight till 630am! So sensible

Very liveable city


A Nation’s pride

Rwanda acquired, last week, their first Airbus 330-200

It sits on top of the hill at the airport for all to see and was shown to me with such pride

On its arrival in Rwanda it flew over the city for everyone to see and admire

Definitely a people looking to the future

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