A very early start saw me leaving an ordered, green and remarkable Rwanda and land in an Africa I am more familiar with – yellow ‘veldt’

Nairobi – (Kenya – 40 mill people) feels like they all live here

Somewhat chaotic airport process, damaged bag 😥, and finally my guides.

The streets are a madhouse, it took us hours to move hardly anywhere and this is Sunday! They (the streets) have the familiar littered look and the pavements ( nature strips) are non existent.

Car Windows are kept closed against theft and I wouldn’t put my nose outside the hotel alone.

Lunch at an outdoor restaurant which claimed wifi (didn’t work) was fairly average (very) and took almost an hour to produce – smiles abound but the energy and sense of productivity I sensed elsewhere is absent here.

This is I acknowledge only my first day – the jury must remain open






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