Friends in Strange Places

And there we were,

lost in the wonder of the amazing vistas,

the silence

and above all

the solitude.

Apart from a jackal, a springbok and a beetle

we had seen nothing and no one all day.



 I happened to look ‘up’ the coast and where the dunes meet the sea

something didn’t ‘feel’ right.

Watching  carefully the something not quite right morphed into –

hang gliders.

Yup, in the middle of nowhere,

3 hang gliders weaving alongside the dunes, over the waves, towards us.


We waved, They waved,

We marvelled and it turns out they did too (they had seen no one all day)

And being good hosts, we held out a beer,

more as a joke than anything else as they appeared

very committed to riding the thermals.

Young, agile and fit men (French or Belgium) that they were,

they were not about to turn down such an offer.

So without missing a beat they flew towards us, or at least one did,

landed or rather hovered just long enough to say ‘hi,

they have been flying for 5 hours and seen no one,

and thank  you for the beer’.

Then off again-

back on their adventure as we turned our back

and proceeded on ours.

Our ‘visitor’
Leaving us, beer in hand – the photo does no justice to the height we are at
Away he went to join his friends


I have friends who are organised.   

They plan their trips a year in advance, they know where they are staying, 🚂which train they will catch from which platform; ✈️which bus will be used from which side of the street.   And they pack – neatly, 👔👖👗👢organised, with nothing left behind.   All their ducks neatly in a row.🐤

I wish I could be like that.   

I have no idea where or when my next trip will be, which means when it does happen, it is a little like a whirlwind of organisation with no structure, but an ebb and flow, like an amoeboid being pulled by the currents.    

This trip is no different.   

Of course I am hugely excited; of course I will have a wonderful time; of course it will all work out; and of course I have no idea what bus I will take from Dubai to Al Ain because my flight has changed, but I have been unable to change my bus booking.    And of course I will not miss another flight.  😂

I am so fortunate to have friends all over the globe inviting me to participate in the adventure of Life, with new ones joining my circle daily.   Even Dawn from Etihad, in Manchester, (me in Oz – Etihad in UAE – go figure) who helped me with my flights went beyond the call of duty – thanks Dawn.


Tickets paid for, trail booked, friends waiting to meet me – so so fortunate.




So why the hesitancy in packing, why the knot in my stomach and the voice that says, if it is all cancelled, it will be fine.   You can stay, walk with your friend, tend to your garden, spend time with friends, be close to your daughters.

Must buy Panadol, tummy meds, antibiotics – maybe not.   But then again remember what happened last trip. 😂  Suntan cream, band aids (plasters),   And then again I probably won’t.   Oh yes and don’t forget adaptors.    Camera?   Just phone?

Friends have lent me packing capsules in an attempt to get me ‘more organised’ and 24 hours before my flight leaves, I have still not packed.   I shall do so shortly.   img_7358

And as I write that sentence, I am reminded of how all weekend I said to myself, I will start packing, …. But first I’ll mow the lawn.    I’ll get packing…… But first I’ll do the washing….. I’ll get packing….. But first I’ll vacuum the house (why I hear you ask? )    I’ll start packing …. But first  I’ll write a blog 😄

😄So here I am – about to pack, my room looks like a bomb has hit it, the dog is restless, I really should try and get some sleep but  know I won’t.    What to include in the case and what to leave out –

Binoculars, maybe not, riding gloves – don’t forget.  One pair of shoes or two?   Beanie or sun hat?   either way I don’t exactly get it right – so I guess it hardly matters. 😂😂

I always promise myself I will be more organised next time 🙂 🙂 🙂

Am I the only traveller that leaves in such a state of mixed emotions with everything done  at the last moment.   😩😜

May Take
Will Take
Must Take
Can’t take
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