Not a drop too soon

Willowmore – not a fuel drop too soon 😃😃😃

Sigh of Relief


And functioning people, petrol and pumps
And what were they singing as I arrived?
“I trust in the Lord to lead me ”

A surprisingly busy little town – the dot on the map must be bigger than that for Steytlerville : and still you sense that survival is a struggle – every purchase made, however small is received with huge – surprisingly huge appreciation

I used to drive through towns like this in ‘the bad old days’ (read previous regime) while on business; and 26 years on, under the new government (read ANC) – I see no change in the level of poverty, no running water, even Steytlerville only got water two years ago, no refuse systems etc
Begs a question ?

not a drop too soon
Or I could have….
used the local limo service
Sophies Choice
opened a pandora’s box
of mixed vintage

To hot for anything but a liquid lunch 🙂  well and some cake…..and interesting company

Sensible people


No sensible person would set off into the Karoo (desert) without checking their fuel would they?
I did 😟😟😟
And here I am – 50km to go to Willowmore – another dot on the map
On a strip road (single lane) on a quarter of a tank of fuel 😢

Needless to say, the air conditioning is off , and it is desert heat ☀️☀️☀️🔥🔥; a rumbling 80 km/hr has been reduced to a trundling 60 and prayer has been introduced

Prayer that I get to Willowmore And
Prayer that there is a functioning petrol pump so I can get back