So unpretentious and made with so much kindness – I had forgotten how special the black smile and heart is – all my ‘friends’ here are graduates in interesting degrees – working in a resort that has one guest; me – imagine the boredom factor – with dreams and hopes for the country’s future that inspire.
They are enthralled by my new binoculars and know every bird by sound
Blessed and humbled and grateful for what we have – we forgot or I do, how much I have, till I revisit.


A Shoebill











Did I say They love my binoculars ? I love them – what a difference to failing eyes – and birds birds and more birds

To start the day a Lanner falcon with prey in hand in front of my deck just looking at me and calling ; apparently completely at ease – my ‘camera (read iPhone)’ in my room – where are you when needed Fred 😩
The list is long but of note Sharon is the lesser jacana and the shoebill

What an amazing sighting
What an amazing bird
We sat 15m away for over an hour until the sun forced us to retreat

Dodo like
Looking like it belongs to a different era – the bird a child would draw in their stories

Sadly my trusty iPhone wasn’t up to the task in the bright sun – Fred where are you when needed 😜
So worth every cent and discomfort



Some amazing photographs sent to me by ‘friends’ I met at the Shoebill, so generous of them; thank you Susann.   (they had the fancy cameras, I had the iPhone 🙂 )p1000174





Finally made it onto a flight – via Nairobi to Entebbe
But such interesting people I have met along the way – I’ve stopped minding the delay
And here I am – all alone at papyrus guest house feeling a little like the queen eating alone with people waiting on my every move!!
Bed and sleep – and likely off grid from tomorrow as I am not going to use scissors as they do to get my phone to charge in their plugs 😳😂
And an interesting stroll this evening – flying ants pouring out of the ground and then children pouring out if nowhere to eat them!!! And then women too – all grabbing them and popping them in their mouths with shrieks of joy – like lollies – thought I ought to try but couldn’t face it at the last minute – live flying ants – just couldn’t put that in my mouth and cause it’s death 😥   No photos I’m afraid – too dark
The adventure continues


Dubai/Abu Dhabi


bold: defiant: beautiful: daring – all words that came to mind as I was shown building after building and shopping mall after shopping mall and hotel after hotel

The modern golden calf came to mind

Massive displays of wealth and people spending vast sums of money:
jewels the likes of which I have never seen before:
magnificent dresses ( can one call them that?) with price tags of $27000 plus.

A population of 2mil I am told but thousand more visiting – either to spend
money or earn it

My taxi driver was Indian – his wife and children still in India – he has worked here for 7 years, 3 more and he can get a house

While the Princes have no shortage of homes – miles and miles of ornate walls behind which they live in opulence hard to imagine.

Politics is easy – what the prince decided is law so no need for elections

And so ended a long day/ night with me asleep on a pool bench on the roof of the hotel – asleep that is from 1.30-3 am when I awake with a bump having fallen off my bench
I have a whole new respect for park bench sleepers 😳


Drying off …



As I dry off – you see I thought to kill time in the hopes the crush would disperse, by visiting ‘the loo’ – which had 2 cubicles – about 8 patiently waiting ‘customers’ and one eastern squat ‘affair’
I’ve used them before so ….. Clearly lost the knack – by the time I had completed my ‘ablutions’ I had almost taken a shower 😂😂😩😩
Wet denims, wet back, wet sweater
And the cubicle had a good wash too —
But the good news – DRY SHOES – a win
Bored yet?
Thanks for your good wishes – clearly I am in need of all the help I can get 😅