Melbourne Sparkles in Spring….


I LOVE my city.

I love that I can go to work,

and sneak out to The Hamer Hall on a Friday morning

for a one hour concert

and go back to work.

I love that just that short time amongst the gardens

and music is enough to renew the soul

and look ahead to a

Summer in Melbourne.







Not to be missed.

Melbourne sparkles even when the weather doesn’t


The anticipation was exhilarating…….

from the orchestra through the entire centre.

The concentration…….

No words to describe this

Two comprehensive encores

Surely more than 10 minutes solid applause 👏

She is so engaged with the orchestra, with the conductor, with the audience- she takes you along with her


So fortunate


But who is She, that I am raving about?

Anne Sophie Mutter.

Ten years younger than me.   I remember the talk about this amazing musician, throughout the years while I was still trying to learn the basic Fur Elize on the piano,    she was wowing the world with her artistry and at 13 was invited by Herbert Van Karajan to play with the Berlin Philharmonic !!!!!!


She owns 2 Stradivari’s – I do not know which one she used when I saw her.

Oh and she only wears Galliano outfits when she plays for comfort 🙂

And that, dear friends, was just another Friday morning in my Melbourne.

Special City : Special Experience




This is the second concert I have been to of a totally unfamiliar genre/work.

Not something I usually do – I always play safe when I book my concerts.

Apparently not this season.

And I am So glad I did.

This work is Sublime – tears down the cheeks kind of sublime – (and not from the $13 a glass of wine)

Rather from the juxtaposition of death and creation. The poem, Dream of Gerontious is stunning, I won’t quote, but so worth a read

And the music, Elgar at his most sublime.

He said ” I wrote it out of my insidest out” “This is the best of me”

And then the singing – soaring praises, exquisite phrasing

and such comfort after the journey to death :

“Softly and gently, dearly ransomed soul. In my loving arms I now enfold thee”

Special city;

Special experience

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