Day 3: A walk with friends 

I went for a walk today, to use different muscles after so many hours in the saddle.
Joining me was my delightful young German companion, a volunteer at the stables, the two resident dogs and a ginger cat!!!😻
We set off on a trail marked 

‘Fynbos’ with no idea where it lead nor how long it would be. It took us almost two hours and our remarkable cat walked with us the entire way!!!
The dog’s of course ran back and forth and in and out and up and down exhausting us just watching and we took our weary bodies up through beautiful leucadendron forests – taller by far than we. 
We passed a dam used usually for swimming and kayaking which sadly was empty, another one which delighted the dogs; beehives, protea fields, and grasses with strange scents. 
Everywhere again we saw butterflies – such a good omen in these times.
Different continent, different ‘friends’ the same unity of spirit as we take a walk 


A walk in Spring 

Like two young children let loose, Jill and I set off today to walk from Charmouth to Seatown. The forecast was largely clear, winds, showers, ie iffy if one is inclined to pessimism and good to go if you are Jill and I. 

The reality? 

Iffy And good to go. 

 We were buffeted around on this 6 mile walk, at times with arms outstretched to keep our balance, looking for all the world like kids playing hopscotch; at other times sprayed with rain, then marvelling at the patterns the sun made on the sea, and all the while we puffed and panted up steep steep hills.  

Mud everywhere – at least for some of us 😜😂

Looking across the downs we could see walkers; an elderly very fit man striding up a hill with his dog, families walking more leisurely across tiny paths just visible in the green; a couple huddled on a bench drinking out of their flasks.

There was a sensation of space; people yes, but solitude a plenty and it was glorious. 

Golden cap – highest point on coast

It was exhilarating, hard work and great fun. 

And followed up with an excellent lunch in the local pub – well outside the local pub, bundled up in jackets, hats, scarves; with all the other diners and their dogs 😃🐕


Another special day