Finally made it onto a flight – via Nairobi to Entebbe
But such interesting people I have met along the way – I’ve stopped minding the delay
And here I am – all alone at papyrus guest house feeling a little like the queen eating alone with people waiting on my every move!!
Bed and sleep – and likely off grid from tomorrow as I am not going to use scissors as they do to get my phone to charge in their plugs 😳😂
And an interesting stroll this evening – flying ants pouring out of the ground and then children pouring out if nowhere to eat them!!! And then women too – all grabbing them and popping them in their mouths with shrieks of joy – like lollies – thought I ought to try but couldn’t face it at the last minute – live flying ants – just couldn’t put that in my mouth and cause it’s death 😥   No photos I’m afraid – too dark
The adventure continues


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