United Arab Emirates

Don’t ask 😦

We learn fairly early in life that sometimes it’s not a good idea to ask a question Now is one of those sometimes 😳 ie don’t ask ….…

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Sheik Zayed Mosque

21/09/2016 (Abu Dhabi) This is quite one of the most remarkable buildings I have seen : European cathedrals point to a past sense of commitment, labour and worship:…

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Dubai/Abu Dhabi

  Excess: bold: defiant: beautiful: daring – all words that came to mind as I was shown building after building and shopping mall after shopping mall and hotel…

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Abu Dhabi chaos

21/09/2016 Abu Dhabi – so beautiful from the air Curves – even the radio control tower is elegantly curved – like the dunes I remember from Namibia The…

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UAE – Take two – with no mishaps, missed flights or other disasters –
In Fact – A Superb trip with my very very dear friends, who were living there and
showed me so much – forever grateful x

Al Ain

No not L. A. Al Ain. Okay, I too, had to find an atlas and look it up. So for those without such a useful book (which as I remember was out of date almost as soon as it was published 😂) Al Ain is the second city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi … Continue reading “Al Ain”

Jebel Hafeet

Where to begin 😃😃 Al Ain (The Spring in Arabic)- you now know where it is😃- so what’s to do there? Plenty as it turns out. A lovely fruit and yogurt breakfast started the day which saw us driving up to Jebel Hafeet. Al Ain is flat, desert scrubland with these sudden dramatic protruding ‘mountains’. … Continue reading “Jebel Hafeet”

The Sport of Kings 

So in a country where kings have their way,  falconry ( like horse breeding) can be indulged whatever the cost. Did I mention that camel racing is making a…

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So what’s next?

Wondering what the next adventure would be, I put myself into the care of dear dear friends (whose value to me is far greater than the riches that created…

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Such Adventures

Driving along the deserted beach road, our eyes were drawn by a massive flock of birds on the skyline.   We followed them and found a scene which, were…

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My cup runneth over

and so, still marveling at the amazing sardines we had seen, we wandered further, alone, no one in sight, but a dot in the ocean.   Our eyes adapted,…

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