I have been taking advantage of Melbourne’s glorious weather, my free time and the parks that are local to our home.

It all started when I started to measure the distance of our walks, our jalks (something between a walk and a jog) and on occasion, our jogs.   This meant I had to carry my phone (on which is the MapMyWalk app).    It also meant I had a camera on hand, albeit an iphone point and press type of camera.

From those beginnings, some meanderings emerged.   I hope you enjoy the indulgence of sky, fields, my ‘friend’ and the privilege of time.   Join me either through these ‘roamings’ or by creating your own.

Today, we, that is my ‘friend’, one of my two ‘babies’ ♥ and I drove 20 minutes from our home to Sassafras and found  a garden of Eden.

We found the start
Although there appeared to be some doubt about the route
But trusting always,
they set off
A little cool and misty in the early morning
We had the ‘world’ to ourselves

As the sun came through, it warmed up
there were ‘dark’ patches

and glorious bright patches

There is always an adventure to be had when you go with my ‘friend’
Of course we had to go ‘up’ again 🙂


up and up
the occasional interlude
to cool off
Then we waited will some got coffee
and sat and drank it in the sun

Author: leepowrie

A 60+ about to enter the Brave New World of Blogging and inviting you to join me for the ride 😂

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